Topic:   Service Invoke count for a specifc time period
Jul 03, 2014 06:05 2 Replies 629 Views HariPrasanna
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    I want to know the invoke count for a particular service in proided duration. Is it possible to do it the same with out using MWS.

    I want to create a report where we can select the service and provide the time, so we need to get the count how many times it is invoked with the in provided time period.

    In any table the count will be mainatained for each service invokation.

    Thank You

    idnkx user


    Hi Prasanna,

    You can check for Service usage page at IS Admin console below statistics, here you can find service names and timestamp at which it was invoked..etc.

    This is all static data and one cannot find this logged into tables as when you restart your IS you could not find a single entry here as this is only a cached data, if you would like to view the services responsible for getting you this data then right click on IS Admin page -> service usage -> view source . The services for collecting the statistics can be found at WMROOT package.

    I would suggest you to make proper use of services in WMROOT and write some code or java services to generate your report.

    Hope this helps.

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