Troubleshooting webMethods Integration Server and Infrastructure Data collector
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Follow the below steps if you have problems while restarting an Integration Server or Infrastructure Data collector via Veritas cluster manager


 - > Sometimes Veritas cannot restart the IS & IDC if the services were not brought OFFLINE in a controlled manner, follow the instructions below to check and restart the services. 


'''Troubleshooting Integration Server Restart''':

1. '''Logon''' to the Server where the service is faulted

2.  Now, goto Integration Server home directory ("/opt/softwareag/wm80_01/IntegrationServer/")

3. Check if there is any Lockfile at IS home directory (LOCKFILE)

4. Remove the Lockfile from IS home directory 

5. Navigate to the IS application using the Veritas cluster manager console.

6. Right Click on IS applicationselect Clear Fault

7. Wait for the fault to be cleared, check the Veritas logs

8. Right Click on ISselect Online -> and Click OK

9. Wait for a few minutes until the status of the IS is ONLINE



Troubleshooting Infrastructure Data Collector(IDC) Restart

1. Logon to the server where IDC should be running
2. Goto IDC Home directory, ("/opt/store/idc1/wm80_01/InfrastructureDC/")
3. Check if there is a LOCKFILE (LOCKFILE)
5. Navigate to the IDC application using the VCS Cluster Manager Console
6. Right Click on IDCselect Clear Fault
7. Wait for the fault to be cleared, check the Veritas logs
8. Right Click on IDCselect Online -> and Click OK
9. Wait for a few minutes until the status of the IDC is ONLINE


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