WebMethods scenario on XML TO FLAT FILE
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Pre requisites:

   XML Document (XML Ref Document)

              Flat file Dictionary

              Flat file Schema DT

              Flat file Schema

1) Get the xml content into IS using the service

        Pub . file . get file

2) Use the service to convert xml string to xml node.

Pub . XML . XML String to XML Node

                                     Map  ->   Bytes -  file data

3) Then use the service to transform xmlnode to XMLDT

                           Pub . XML .XML Node to Document

                                                            Node – node

                                        Pipeline out –  XML Document ref.

4) Map the source (XML DT) to target (Flat file DT)


                                       XML Document – flat file Schema DT

5) use the service to convert the Flat DT to flat file string.

                                        Pub. flat file . converts to string

                                        Flat file schema DT -  flat file values

                                        Flat file schema -  path

6) use the service to deliver the output to the destination as a flat file

                          Sample . Io . test .write to file


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