webMethods step by step creating Packages and folders
May 31, 2012 10:54 0 Comments Development George

Creation of Packages and folders and naming conventions

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 7.1.2  



In this Scenario we will create a package and folders to store the Integration server development work.


webMethods uses Java terminology for defining namespaces and its objects.


To begin development, we need a package and folder organization to store our development work.


1)    Open the Developer and log in as Administrator | manage.

2)    Create a new package Acme


3)    In the Acme package, create a folder called acme.

4)    In the acme folder, create a folder called PurchaseOrder.

5)    In the acme.PurchaseOrder folder, create 7 new folders, named as follows:

a)    adapters

b)    docs

c)    maps

d)    notifiers

e)    utils

f)    work

g)    ws

Note: To place these folders all in the correct spot, each time right click on the acme.PurchaseOrder folder and select New -> Folder. If you mis-type the name for a folder, right click on the folder and select Rename.


6)    In the acme.PurchaseOrder.ws folder, create 2 new folders, named as follows:

a)    consumer

b)    provider


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