webMethods step by step flat to xml
Feb 05, 2012 15:20 0 Comments Development Sashi

Task: Flat to XML

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1

This task takes the data from the flat file and writes into the xml  file. 

To do this the following FlowSteps are used.. 

  1. pub.file:getFile
  2. pub.flatfile:convertToValues
  3. pub.xml:documentToXMLString


1. pub.file:getFile:

 This flow step reads the data according to the specified path and converts into bytes.



2. pub.flatfile:convertToValues: 

convertToString service is used to convert the bytes into a ffValues((For creating FlatFile Schema refer How to Create FlatFile Schema?).


            Mapping for this flow step.


3. pub.xml:documentToXMLString

 documentToXMLString service is used to convert the ffVales  into a XML data.  

Mapping for this flow step.


4. sample.IO.test:writeToFile      

This flow takes the xmlData and writes into the xml file according to the specified path.

Mapping for this flow step.



à OverwriteFlag must be specified to over


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