webMethods step by step websphere MQ adapter scenarios
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Task: MQ Adapter Scenarios


OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1




Go to Programs  ->  IBM websphere 

MQ –> webspehere MQ Explorer -> 

Queue manager ->  right click -> 

New  ->-  Q Manager -> 

Give a Q name   and a port number -> 


Go to Queue foldes -> -> New -> Q (Local) ->  ok


Go to IS Admin page ->  Adapters –>  WebSphere MQ Adapter -> Connections


Connection type : WebSphere MQ connection

Package name: Q manager name: QMI

Host name : local host

TCP/IP port : 1414

Server connection channel : WebSphere MQ connection

             Q name :  Q1

Save the connection and enable it. 



1) For putting messages into a Queue


Adapter  service -> WebSphere MQ Adapter -> Select a connection ->  select put service template

Flow steps for  put service

-> Map     

-> Pipe out ( msg : This is a sample (hardcode))

-> Pub : string : string to bytes

-> Message ---->  string

-> Putmessage (Adapter service)

    Bytes ----> message body


2) For getting messages from a Queue


Adapter service –> websphere MQ adapter -> Select a connection –> get service

Flow steps for get service:

Get message (adapter service)

Sample . IO . test . write to file

Filename : path

Message body -----> file content

Overwrite flag: 0





Adapter  automatically creates a trigger, a buffer table, when you enable notification by scheduling it, the database trigger monitors the table and inserts the data into the buffer table.



Basic notifications require you to define a buffer table and a database trigger  or other means of monitoring database changes so that changes are written into the buffer table(polls a database table for data using select operation).



Does not use triggers to invoke it or a buffer table to contain stored procedure output parameters or returned records.


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