webMethods step by step JMS Adapter service scenarios
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Task: JMS Adapter Scenarios


OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1


Understanding JMS Terminology


JMS Provider:

An implementation of the JMS interface for a Message Oriented Middleware (MOM). Providers are implemented as either a Java JMS implementation or an adapter to a non-Java MOM.


JMS client

An application or process that produces and/or receives messages.


JMS producer/publisher

A JMS client that creates and sends messages.


JMS consumer/subscriber

A JMS client that receives messages.


JMS message

An object that contains the data being transferred between JMS clients.


JMS queue

A staging area that contains messages that have been sent and are waiting to be read. Note that, contrary to what the namequeue suggests, messages don't have to be delivered in the order sent. A JMS queue only guarantees that each message is processed only once.


JMS topic

A distribution mechanism for publishing messages that are delivered to multiple subscribers.


PRODUCER SCENARIO : [ For sending messages or data to Queues ]


          Map   pipe out

                  Queue name  :  look 4 jms

                                Data    :  testingData (any data)


Create a adapter service ( jms adapter document to message), drag and drop it here

                  Data  ------  text message body


Create a adapter  service  ( jms adapter message producer template), drag and drop it here

                 Queue  ----- jms destination

          Jms message ------  jms message 


CONSUMER SCENARIO : [ For getting the data or messages which are sent by the producer from the queue]


Map  pipe out

                   Queue à look 4 vicky


Create a adapter  service ( jms adapter message consumer templat ), drag and drop it here

                  Queue  à jms destination


Create a adapter service ( jms adapter text or message to docuent)

                   Jms message  ------- jms message

                   Sample . Io. Test . write to file

                 Text message  body   ------  file content

                                                     -------  file name : path

                                                     ------- over write flag :  overwrite.


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