webMethods step by step configuring jdbc sql adapter
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Task: Configuring JDBC-sql Adapter


OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1


Jdbc  Adapters :

Sql server Adapters :


Insert Adapter service


Table tab

Select the database and table name


Insert tab

 Select  the columns to insert the data ,data conversation expression column and have  Coding the values

Input field type – java .lang . string   -  Jdbc Type  -  variable  character   -  column data type –     Variable  character.

Our data flow when we insert some data through  adapter service to a table.


Delete Adapter service input field:

We can also change it by giving any name.


Table tab

 Select   the database and Table name.


Where Tab

For selecting  the column name and the condition on the column.


Input field

Give some variable name, at the time of running it asks for the value of  the variable.


 Input field                       Input field type                        Jdbc type

Variable name                     java . lang . string                            BIGINT



Choose for  multiple columns



Choose  the column name on which you want to apply the condition.





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