webMethods step by step Database to Flat file
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TASK: DataBase To FlatFile 

OS: WindowsOS

Platform: webMethods 6.1



This task takes the data from a database table (Employee)(SQL Server) and writes it

 in a form of flat file. 

To achieve it following Flow Steps are used… 

  1. DBToFF: SelectAdapter
  2. Pub.flatFile: convertToString
  3. Sample.IO.test: writeToFile 

Before using the flow steps we need to create a JDBC Adapter Connector. For creating JDBC Connector refer the document How To Create JDBCConnector.doc and also we need to create a JDBC (select) Adapter service. For this refer the document How to create a JDBCAdapter Service. 

Flow Steps in detail…. 

DBToFF: SelectAdapter 

This flow step is created using selectJDBCAdapterService that is invoked through insert flow step.



After executing this step the records in the table (Employee) are shown in the SESQLOutput DOC.


2. pub.flatFile: convertToString 

ConvertToString service is used to convert the SESQLOutput IDOC into a string using the flat file schema. (For creating FlatFile Schema refer How to Create FlatFile Schema?)  

            Mapping for this flow step.



à OverwriteFlag must be specified to overwrite/Append  



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    Hi, I tried with webMethods 9.5, but doesn't work! How can I convert it to 9.5? Thanks

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