Publishing a document to the Broker and waiting for a reply
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Two scenarios:

1) Publish and wait for reply (Broadcasting)

2) Deliver and wait for reply(Deliver to a particular client).

IS wM 6.1

           1) Publish and wait for reply (Broadcasting to all clients) :

1) Create a publishable document and push to broker

2) Create a service for publishing a document  and waiting for reply,when the reply Comes/  a reply document comes perform a task/write the content of doc to a file

a)  Pub : publish : publish and wait

         Service in:   I/p     

        Doc type name – copy and paste pub doc path

          Pub  doc (ref)               document

    Receive doc type name  - copy and paste broker doc type path

                                     Local – false

                                      Async  - true

(Broker or client must not be present at the time of communication)

          Pub : publish : wait for reply

        Receive document                         path of reply doc (ref)

           Sample .IO . test . write to file            

        File name  - destination  file name

           Reply doc (Ref)    -   file content

3)  Create a broker Document type . (reply ref)

a)      Go to broker

b)      Get the reference of reply document

c)       Create a broker  Document of this reference.


At the subscriber  side:

1) Get the reference of publishable document from the Broker and create a Broker document type.

2) Create a trigger which on receipt  of publishable  document performs a service.

3) Create a service which executes on receipt of a publishable document.

Pub : string : concat           value  -  reply  doc ref

Pub : publish : reply

            Pipe in                                         Service in

                        Doc ref                                            Document

 Reply - Env (envelope)                                 Receid doc Envelope

document   type name   -  copy and paste reply doc path


4)      Create a document (normal) with some fields and make it a publishable document this is called a Reply document,  which  we send  as a reply / Acknowledgement  to the Broker.



The  publisher  creates a publishable document and pushes it to Broker . The broker get its  reference  and  fires a trigger which runs  a service and creates a reply document which is publishable and pushes it to broker.

The publisher gets the ref  of the reply document from the Broker and performs a service.

When the publisher runs the publish service it publishes the doc to broker .the Subscriber gets the document performs  some operation  on the  received  doc  and replies back to the publisher  with another doc.

The publisher upon receipt of the reply document  performs a task/service/write the content of the reply document to a file.


2) Deliver and wait for reply on publishers side (to a specific client) :              

1)  Create a publishable document

2)  Create  a service for delivering the publishable document  and wait for reply and then   accept the reply and do some functionality.

Pub . publish : deliver and wait

Document type name – copy and paste pub doc path


(Ref of pub doc) ->   Receive doc type name -  path / copy and paste reply document path

                               Destd    ->   Go to broker admin of the broker  select the broker server select/clients,then click on the subscribing trigger to get trigger id.

Then find  the trigger of publisher by name . Copy  the whole trigger id and paste it

                        Asyn  -  true

  (For asynchronous transfer/ publishing ).

3) Creating a reply document

    Go to broker and check for the subscribers  reply document and create a reply document.


On subscribers side: 

1)      Get the reference of  publishable document from the broker and create  a broker document type.

2)      Create a trigger which on receipt of the publishable doc Executes a services

3)      Create a reply document (normal)

With some fields  and make it a publishable document  this is called a Reply document which has to be send as a reply/ acknowledgement  to the broker.

4)      A service  which has to be executed  on receipt of a published document

Pub . string . concat     (any service which has to be executed on receipt of  pub doc and manipulation on pub doc). Ref  of Pub doc

Field 1  - string 1                    value

Field 2 -  string 2                   value

Pub . publish .reply

Reference of reply  doc   -   document

Env (envelope)                 -     received document

                                      -     Document type name  -  copy and paste reply doc path.

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