Removing a published document from the Broker
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If you have a document set to infinite retry, but it's never going to go through you can remove it from the Broker.  Here's how:

  1. Connect to the environment where you want to remove a document. (see [MWS Environments|MWSConnectionInformation])
  2. Navigate to "Administration > Messaging > Broker Servers > Clients"
  3. Search for the subscribing Trigger (easiest way is to use the package name where the Trigger is located)
  4. Click on the Client ID link of the appropriate Trigger
  5. To remove all documents
    1. Click on the "Statistics" tab
    2. Click the "Clear Queue" button
  6. To remove a single document
    1. Click on the "Configuration" tab
    2. Click on the "Lock Queue" button (make sure to unlock queue when done)
    3. Click on the "Browse Queue" tab
    4. Search for the document you want to remove
    5. Select the document
    6. Click the "Delete" button
    7. Click back on the "Configuration" tab
    8. Click on the "Unlock Queue" button
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