KPIs not working? Things to check:
Jan 04, 2021 10:19 0 Comments Other components NAIDU

  • Make sure the fields are logged.  In developer on the properties tab for the process step, select the "Logged Fields" tab and then choose which fields will be used for the KPI data and dimensions.  (See below)

  • Ensure the facts are being collected. In your process database, you should have FACT_ tables with data being added.
  •  If the new KPI is going against existing data, it may take a while to calculate and display it.
  • Check the Event Map for the process/kpi.  Go to Administration->Analytics->KPIs->BusinessData.  Below there should be an Event Map that matches your process.  It should be marked "deployed".  If you open up the (+) sign, you should see your fact listed (which should match what you set up in designer) and below that any dimensions you have configured.

  • Check if Monitoring->System-Wide->System Overview shows your event map. (You can search to narrow down to the name).
  • Check if Monitoring->System-Wide->Problems has any entries which might explain your KPI problems.
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