Restful Service in webMethods
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After I figured out how to do this indirectly, I found the actual Webmethods REST users guide.  It is a more complete way to implement RESTful services. This only works in version 8.2 however.

I had a rest service call coming into the Integration Server with an HTTP Post request to http://:5555/invoke/ with a type of application/xml in UTF-8.

  1. So I wrote a flow service in TestForKev/esla/pub called event.  
  2. I created an input parameter of contentStream with an object type.
  3. I called to convert the contentStream to a string
  4. I called pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode to create the XML node.
  5. Then I called pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument to finally convert to a webmethods document.
  6. URL Parameters

    If you need to take a rest service input that uses URL parameters, you can still get to them.  Say you have a url like http://:5555/invoke/ where 98765 is the event_id.  

    Just write the service as above, but add in a call to pub.flow:getTransportInfo.  The requestURL returned will contain the service name and the parameters at the end of the url, so you can parse them out.   


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